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Sites Similar to 123Movies

Watch movies online and TV shows at one of the streaming sites below. Both are free and have an unlimited supply of movies plus TV shows with new episodes that you can watch on all of your devices just like 123Movies.


MiFlix is a fairly new streaming service offering unlimited movies and TV shows from any device. It is a subscription based service, but there are no ads, all HD quality, and the largest database of high quality videos we've seen on the net. Registration is free and easy, and you will be able to briefly test the services before signing up for a premium account.

Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD has a large collection of TV shows and movies to watch and it works on any device. It does not require registration and has little to no ads at all which makes this the top choice. Give it a try and we promise you won't want to click the back button.


Discover new ways to watch movies online and watch TV shows from various streaming apps and websites, in one place. Browse the latest movies and episodes, create lists of your favorite movies or TV shows, and more. Registration is free and easy but is required to stream. This one is a bit more under the radar, but has been around for awhile and rarely has any issues.


uWatch is a collection of all the legal streaming services online for any movie or TV show. If you're looking for an easy way to find out where you can watch something, or to combine all your current streaming services, this is a great option to make sure you never miss anything.